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This lashbook contains our top 5 best selling 25mm lashes. The body and volume of each lash ranges and we recommend this lashbook if you love to do glamorous looks. This lashbook could also be the perfect gift to your favorite makeup artist. 

We believe experiencing high quality lashes should be easy!

Please note: This lash is a 3D mink lash and can be reused multiple times. We only offer the best.


25mm Lash Book


          Hunting for a great deal to get a top-quality lash book online? Here you go! You are at the right place to find your favorite lashes at very suitable rates. Our lash book is a book featuring several 25 mm lash pairs of different lengths and volumes, organized properly and encased in an exclusive book. A lash book is the best gift to be given to a lash lover.  If you like dramatic looks, this book provides endless possibilities from natural to glamorous looks with its wide range of styles. All the lashes are made of soft and lightweight natural constituents that are perfectly fit for all shapes of eyes and go with any makeup style you wish! So get in touch with us to have a look at our 25mm Lash Book that will surely compel you to buy it. Shop from us once to have a delightful experience.


Lash Book Store in USA

                      Generally, people take eyelashes for granted and do not care to do something special to make them prominent. But in fact, they are very important for the proper function of eyes so we must find the best products to enhance them to give proper bold looks. If you search for the best Lash Book Store in USA, contact us and find your required eyelash pair from our lash book to give you the perfect look. Our lash book contains a protective case to keep all types of eyelashes safe from dirt or any other damage so that you may use them over and over again. These lashes are suitable for all skin types so you buy them without any fear. These are convenient to wear and replace anytime. So what can ultimately be the best package than this? Choose your favorite lash book right now and add it to the basket for the fastest home delivery.